Where to Begin!

I think the hardest decision, after deciding to start your own online business, is what strategy to do, to make your money.

Over the years I have done affiliate marketing, physical products, local client consulting to name just a few. But alongside these, their are a whole host of others options open to you:

CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing – this is where you drive traffic to an offer for maybe a free bottle of some supplement, or something like that. Once someone enters their details on the contact form and presses send, you get paid. This can be a very lucrative method of making money, and one that I will be investing some time into shortly.

Mobile Marketing – This comes in various guises from text message marketing to building mobile websites for business etc

PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing – This can be done on many different platforms but the main ones are Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook. I know only too well that you have to be very careful how you advertise on here as I have had my Adwords account suspended, a Facebook account disabled, both without ever being told what I did wrong!! They are a law unto themselves. I must add that I do NOT involve myself in underhand marketing so this still baffles me to this day!

Dropshipping – This is where you build a physical product website with images of the products on it. You sell the items physically on your website, but then send the order through to the vendor who ships the product for you and you pay them for the item.

Ebay – Many people use Ebay as a side income, some even make a decent living on there too. I have found that the fees seem to be going up, and in many instances sellers just undercut each other in a race to the bottom, so the profits are hard to get.

Amazon – This is the same as the Ebay method above and is going the same way as Ebay in the race to the bottom department if you ask me!

There are also many others which we will aim to discuss as we go along


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