IM Rant – Finally Letting Rip

IM Rant – Finally Letting Rip

bbc477d683d7b1c9cfeb9ef2_1920After almost 8 years of running a full time business online, I can honestly say that I have never seen the internet marketing arena so filled with absolute rubbish and rehashed garbage purporting to be new and ‘never seen before’ – yeah right!

I have bought so much utter c**p over the last few months, I felt the need to vent!

There are a ton of marketers – many reputable – who just push out cheap under-$7 reports with the latest and greatest strategy, usually in the CPA market it seems. You get sucked in with the promise of this being something different and WHAM! Another piece of useless, fluff and filler report that is about as much use as mud flaps on a tortoise!

Having not yet reached the heady heights that I would like my business to be, I am always on the lookout for an additional income stream – I admit it, I get sucked in too!

But I feel that we are fast approaching the point where the IM arena is just viewed with the same disgust as the MLM arena. Just scammers touting nothing.

CPA Marketing is not as easy as they make out! Getting accepted by the networks is NOT simple and you often have to go through a rigorous telephone interview just to be accepted. Who needs that? Personally I work online because I do not want to speak to people!!LOL!! And who do they think they are, playing God?

Next up, affiliate marketing is becoming harder too.

Trying to get acceptance from product creators on JVZoo and Warriorplus is getting harder. I have been denied several times by people I have never heard of, so they are obviously fairly new themselves. We all need a break to get started. Why would anyone NOT want someone promoting their product launch just because that person has never had any success selling vendors products before? Makes my blood boil!

And what really makes me blow a fuse – and it seems to be getting worse – is when you ask for a refund of these awful products, the vendor never refunds you and does not even reply to your emails. And I have even had, more than once, several contact emails supplied on the vendors profile and/or salespage on Warriorplus, being dead and not real!!

I would love to out these people but I would probably have them chasing me down. Despite them being disreputable sellers, they still seem to sell a ton of this garbage. I think that pricing their s**t at sub-$7 is because many who want a refund will not bother expending the energy to try to get their money back and just put it down to experience.

Tell me I am wrong?!

I have recently almost stopped promoting IM products because it is difficult to know what is good and what is not. I will find the gems in the rough as we go along and will only promote them. I have been spending a lot of time doing work in the local marketing space looking at ranking videos on a rank and rent basis. Watch this space!!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this IM cancer. Leave a comment below.




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